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1st June 2002

OK! Took a bit longer than I hoped, but here's a look at Robot Monster, the recently released Zombie Holocaust disc from Shriek Show, and the first ever UK disc to be reviewed in the sideshow, Basket Case 3.

22nd May 2002

Yes, it's true! Your favourite unemployed independant movie studio mascot is back, and with an ever so slightly new look! The site has been tweaked to improve accessibility (I still recommend viewing at 1024 * 768 resolution, however) and previous editorials have been removed to protect myself from any unecessary and embarrassing legal action.

Anyway, let me know what you think of the new layout and I assure you that this time I will endeavour to add new reviews on a regular basis. To get the ball rolling, I'll soon have reviews for Basket Case 3 (UK - Region 0), Robot Monster, & Re-Animator Millenium Edition

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