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The Wizard Of Gore
Directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis ; Starring Ray Sager, Judy Cler, Wayne Ratay
Something Weird Home Video ; Region 0 ; NTSC ; Full-Frame ; Mono ; Audio Commentary, Trailer, Gallery Of Exploitation Art

I hoped and hoped that this would be up to the standard of Lewis' 'Blood trilogy'. I was totally not disappointed. The Wizard Of Gore proves once and for all a theory that I've had for quite some time: No matter how bad a film is, it can always be made entertaining by adding lots of gore!! If it weren't for the copious amounts of blood and innards seen in The Wizard Of Gore, then it would have been a complete waste of film (and a misleading title to boot). But with an enormous helping of MSG (Muscles, Sinews and Guts), Lewis has come up with a recipe to turn a seriously dull and lifeless movie into one of the greatest damn horror movies I've ever seen!!!

The methods by which the maniacal Montag The Magician mutilates his many victims bring back the colourful variety we so loved in 2000 Maniacs. Punch presses, Chainsaws, Metal Spikes. It's all there! There is one of the most stunningly realistic decapitations I've ever seen and there's even some eyeball mayhem that, despite its obvious fakeness, would make Lucio Fulci himself reach for a bucket (if he weren't dead, of course).

The print that this DVD was sourced from was clearly not in as good a condition as the Blood trilogy, as there are quite a lot of scratches throughout. But, let's face it, who cares? It still looks great for a movie of this vintage. Again, Something Weird have done another fantastic job reproducing the vivd colours (well, mostly red) that you just don't see in movies these days. Sound is functional, but nothing to write home about.

Extras-wise we get another terrific commentary from Lewis, who interestingly enough, declares that this is one of his least favourite movies! There's a great trailer (with a typical HG Lewis 'impressionable children should leave the auditorium' intro), and another Exploitation Art Gallery.

Bottom line: Kudos to Something Weird for giving Lewis' films the treatment they deserve, and also for bringing out so many of them. I anxiously await the upcoming release of The Gore Gore Girls (which according to the commentary, pisses all over The Wizard!).