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Video_rating.jpg (1233 bytes)3.5 outta 5
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Tromeo & Juliet
Directed by Lloyd Kaufman ; Starring Will Keenan, Jane Jensen
Troma Team Video ; Region 0 ; NTSC ; Full-Frame ; Probably Mono... ; Director's Commentary, Trailers, Cast Interviews, and lots more...

What can you say about Troma? Yes, a lot of their movies are tasteless. Granted, a lot of their movies are sleazy. Agreed, their sense of humour is totally childish and immature.

This is of course, why we all love Troma so very, very much. If you want people getting baseballs stuck up their butt, you look to Troma. If you want midgets getting shoved into tumble driers, you look to Troma. If you want three foot penis monsters, you got it ... Troma!

Directed by Troma founder (and all-round great guy) Lloyd Kaufman, Tromeo & Juliet is one of their best. Just like West Side Story so many years ago, Tromeo & Juliet has taken a rather dull play from an overrated playwright, and given it soul, heart and, yes, the aforementioned three foot penis monster. The performances are a cut above, with Will Keenan and Jane Jensen delivering Shakespeare's dialog as well as Olivier ever could. The supporting cast also exceeds expectations. Worthy of note are Sean Gunn and Valentine Miele, whose death scenes are absolutely unforgettable.

The DVD transfer suffers from the occasional compression artefacts, but otherwise reproduces the low budget image very well. No problems with the sound.

There is a large quantity (but maybe not quality) of extras. Most importantly is the audio commentary by Mr Kaufman. As expected, it's fast, funny and a great insight into low-budget film making. There's a 'Truth Or Dare' with the cast where some of the stars talk about the making of the film. There are some deleted scenes (and unlike a lot of other deleted scenes, they're actually interesting to watch). Lemmy from Motorhead gives us his sugar-coated opinions of the film. There are trailers from T&J itself, as well as The Toxic Avenger, Sgt Kabukiman & Class Of Nuke'em High. There are also a bunch of other non-Tromeo-related extras which will really make you think.

Bad points? Well, the menus are a bit weird. To get to the movie you have to go via the Chapter Selection menu, which is like the seventh item on the Main Menu. Bizarre.