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Movie_rating.jpg (1221 bytes)3.5 outta 5
Video_rating.jpg (1233 bytes)3.5 outta 5
Audio_rating.jpg (1197 bytes)3 outta 5
Xtras_rating.jpg (1285 bytes)3.5 outta 5
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She-Devils On Wheels
Directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis ; Starring Betty Connell, Nancy Lee Noble & Christine Wagner
Something Weird Video ; Region 0 ; NTSC ; Full-Frame ; Mono ; Audio Commentary, Trailer, Archival Short Subject - 'Biker Beach Party', Gallery Of Exploitation Art

SheDev1.jpg (9547 bytes) Well, this one was a punt. Not being a 'gore movie', I wasn't sure that She-Devils would come close to the ranks of Two Thousand Maniacs and The Wizard Of Gore, being that gore was really the strength of those movies. Well, I was pleasantly surprised. Firstly, while it's not technically a gore file, She-Devils does contain some of the red stuff including quite a spectacular climax. The story basically revolves around a gang of motorcycle riding mamas who spend most of their time running races to see who gets the first pick of a bunch of inbred yokel 'studs' for their nightly clothed orgies. But it's not all fun and games. Tensions run high within the gang when one member bends the rules, and a rival guy gang are out to take the Man-Eaters down a notch or two.

It's all a bunch of good clean fun. As expected from Lewis, the acting's atrocious (these are bikers first, actresses fifth) and the editing is about as tight as an ex-con's rectum. But these factors combined with its obvious technical limitations only add to the film's charm.

SheDev2.jpg (13399 bytes) Well, if you've been keeping an eye on Something Weird's Lewis DVDs, you'll know what to expect from the transfer. The picture is as good as the source print allows. Suffering from a number of print flaws, It's not as immaculate as the Blood Trilogy, but this doesn't distract, and the sound, again, is merely functional.

Lewis continues to prove himself to be one of the most DVD friendly directors with yet another wonderful commentary track. Unfortunately, the first several minutes of the commentary suffers from quite a lot of static, but don't let that put you off as it soon clears up and only appears intermittently after that. By the way, Something Weird could do worse than to get Jimmy Maslin a microphone. You also get a trailer, and an unrelated short (about 10 minutes) film about bikers, which takes a rather unexpected turn towards the end which makes it well worth a look, man.