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Mother's Day Menu

Mother's Day
Directed by Charles Kaufman ; Starring Nancy Hendrickson, Deborah Luce, Tiana Pierce & Rose Ross
Troma Team Video ; Region 0 ; NTSC ; Full-Frame ; Mono ; Commentary, Interviews, Troma Trailers and more

Mother's Day Screenshot 1 Now let's get something out in the open. Yes, most Troma movies suck shit. Lloyd Kaufman himself admits to this in his incredible Pulitzer-worthy book 'Everything I Know About Filmmaking, I Learned From The Toxic Avenger'*. But there are some definite exceptions. Tromeo & Juliet, The Toxic Avenger, Surf Nazis Must Die, Bugged (try and find a copy - well worth a rental), and, yes, Mother's Day.

It's about three women who wander into the woods for their annual post-college getaway. Pretty soon they're kidnapped by a demented matriarch and her two equally demented, and somewhat stupid, sons, Ike (who I swear has the same sheets that I had when I was seven) and Addley. Directed by Kaufman's brother, Charles, and being made before The Toxic Avenger, Mother's Day was one of the first typical Troma horror films where sadistic violence and cruelty are sort of justified by tasteless, childish humour. And thank God for the humour, because without it, this would be some sick fucking shit. Now Mother's Day has had its fair share of controversy in Australia - being off and on the shelves more often than Herron Paracetemol. I couldn't tell you what its current status is here, but your chances of tracking down a copy at your local Video Ezy are probably pretty slim.

Mother's Day Screenshot 2 The transfer on this disc is surprisingly good, with very little print damage and no noticeable compression artifacting. Like many other low-budget movies, its soft image tends to mask any NTSC nasties, making this a very easy to watch transfer. The sound is presented in mono, and while being nothing exceptional, dialog is perfectly clear throughout, and there is no distortion.

As usual, Troma haven't skimped on the extras. First and foremost there's a great little commentary from director Kaufman, loaded with those juicy little secrets of micro-budget filmmaking. There's a brief interview with Kaufman, talking about the movie and growing up with Lloyd. You get a Tromaville Cafe Mother's Day announcement (packed to the gills with the requisite jerk-off gags), an intro from Lloyd, The Radiation March, and trailers for four other, non-Mother's Day Troma pictures, the most notable being 'Citizen Toxie' and 'Terror Firmer'.

This is a nice little disc and modestly priced to boot. If only the others would follow suit. Anyway, get it. Now.

* By the way, I'm serious about Kaufman's book. I'm not just sucking up because it's my ultimate life dream to be adopted by Troma as one of their official mascots - God knows I'm not getting anywhere working for those dickheads at Albatros Productions.