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The Gore Gore Girls
Directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis ; Starring Frank Hess, Amy Farrell, Henny Youngman
Something Weird Home Video ; Region 0 ; NTSC ; Full-Frame ; Mono ; Commentary

Herschell Gordon Lewis' last film (at least for now) is doubtless the most over the top gore-wise. While it probably doesn't have the volume of blood and gore that its predecessor, The Wizard Of Gore had, the bizarre methods of execution have to be seen to be believed. If they'd been created by any other filmmaker, these scenes could have been considered highly tasteless, but Lewis has laced them with enough absurd cartoon humour that no one could take them seriously. The killings are held together by a screwball subplot about a swarthy PI and a reporter's investigations amid the seedy world of strip clubs. The witty patter between the two leads is occassionaly entertaining but lets face it, we're watching this for the gore, dammit!! Lewis has also added a little T&A to the mix with some striptease sequences, but like the rest of the movie these are cheap, cheap, cheap and frankly, if they weren't so mercifully tame, might have had you throwing up at the wrong moments. The appearance of comedy legend Henny Youngman adds some much needed interest, but ultimately this remains less satisfying than Lewis' Blood Trilogy and The Wizard Of Gore.

As usual, Something Weird have given us a spectacularly good transfer. It's astounding that films of such age, budget and relative obscurity can still look so good. As expected, audio is merely functional, but this was never going to be used as a demonstration / piss-off-the-neighbours disk. Lewis has given us yet another wonderful commentary, and we're also treated to a sequence from 'Love Goddess of Blood Island'. No explanation as to the history of this footage is made - presumably it's an unfinished Lewis masterpiece, but if anyone can confirm or tell me otherwise, I'd greatly appreciate it. The absence of any trailers is a shame, but I'm sure that if Something Weird had one, they would have stuck it in there.

Despite my disappointment with the film itself, this is still a must for Lewis devotees. Others may do better to look elsewhere however.