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Holy mackeral, an update! Yes, I've recovered from the humiliation of being fooled by the 'Hannibal' controversy (I have so much more respect for Ridley Scott now). Here's a couple of new reviews for the legendary 'Basket Case' and Dario Argento's 'Opera (Limited Edition)'.


OK, further news on the "Hannibal" front: According to The Digital Bits, the R4 release is NOT cut. If this does prove to be the case (I'm still not 100% convinced), then I humbly retract a lot of what I said yesterday. (Although not about that douche bag at K-Mart - I'm still returning my vandalised copy).


No new reviews this time, but I feel that I should add my 2 cents regarding the current "Hannibal" censorship controversy. Now, I can't personally confirm whether or not the R4 DVD is in fact censored, but I do suspect that it is. I'm sure I remember seeing the allegedly excised shot in the cinema (it WAS pretty memorable), and the edit on the DVD doesn't appear to be the work of any industry professional. Anyway, please take note that the following rant is all based on the assumption that "Hannibal" is indeed cut.

Do Columbia Tri-Star have the right to get away with releasing the DVD in its current form? Absolutely NOT! There is no mention on the DVD's packaging that the film has been cut. As such, they are by omission indicating that it is NOT cut, especially given the fact that the theatrical release was heavily reported in the media as being uncut. This is a prime example of a big faceless company cornholing the innocent consumer and is something that can not be excused. Now, I'm aware that there have been many previous R4 releases that have been cut (usually due to it being sourced from the UK version), but I feel that a high-profile title like this is the perfect opportunity for us to rally together and announce our complete disgust at this artistic rape. Let's face it, one can hardly call this a "Collector's Edition" if it doesn't even include the entire movie. Now, I know a lot of people will be saying, "come one, it's only one little cut", and "that movie sucks - what does it matter?" Well, like the movie or not (I admit, I have quite a soft spot for it), it's the principle of thing. If we don't kick up a fuss about this, then we're inviting a future landslide of censorship.

What can we do about this? Well, I guess it depends on the reason why it is in this state. If the cut was forced for the DVD release by the OFLC (doubtful, given that they initially gave the uncut version a very reasonable MA rating), then we're shit out of luck. However, any other reason (I wouldn't be surprised if this, like the recycling of UK titles, is more a case of incompetence rather than censorship), and I would suggest that every unfortunate victim of this cruel screw-up write a polite yet angry letter to Columbia Tri-Star, requesting that they either be refunded for their 'defective' (and let's face it, it is for all intents and purposes defective) copy of "Hannibal", or have it replaced with the uncut version which I trust is being urgently authored as you read this.

What will I do? Well fortunately, some retard at my local K-Mart decided that it was a good idea to stick an unremovable security tag to the reverse of the cover's insert, which is reason enough for me to return it for a refund.

PS - It's not like me to editorialise (except for the Troma thing a while back), but this sort of thing really rubs me the wrong way. I apologise if I made any statements that are unfair, ungrammatical or, Christ forbid, untrue, but I only hope that my current level of inebriation is good enough an excuse. I don't, however, apologise to the retard at K-Mart. He's a total dick.


Well, I've got no real excuse for this shameful lack of updates. Hopefully I'll pull my thumb out some time soon, but just to keep things rolling (albeit very slowly), I've taken a look at Lucio Fulci's lesser known 'Don't Torture A Duckling', and for something completely different, I've taken a look at the new CD (it's like a DVD without the pictures) by the best band in the world, The Dickies - 'All This And Puppet Stew'. Let me know if you'd like to see more CD reviews here - it's my first attempt at one, so be kind.


Happy New Year, kiddies! Unfortunately I've already let my "update the site every week" resolution slip, but nevertheless, I've knocked up a few more reviews. They are 'Deep Red', the totally underrated 'Exorcist III', Troma's 'Mother's Day', and Herschell Gordon Lewis' 'She-Devils On Wheels'. Enjoy!


Goodness! Two updates in as many days! I've taken a quick peek at Dario Argento's 'Phantom Of The Opera', the US disc which has been distributed in Australia by the folks at DVD Australia. It's a shame we don't get a nice PAL transfer, but I figure it's better that we get the NTSC version than nothing at all, which would probably be the alternative for a title like this. It's only when a mainstream picture like 'Romeo Must Die' gets an NTSC release here that Bwana starts to worry that PAL transfers may one day be swept aside for the cheaper recycling of the already available NTSC transfer. It wouldn't surprise me, with DVD distributors lately showing little commitment to obtaining the highest picture quality by releasing non-anamorphic versions of such great films as 'The Abyss' and 'Carlito's Way'.


HappyBlackIcon.jpg (1959 bytes)Well, it's about bloody time for another update. Check out my reviews for 'Terminator 2 - The Ultimate Edition' and Lucio Fulci's 'The New York Ripper' and 'The Beyond'. I've also taken a look at the R1 'Fight Club' in the wake of the R4 release travesty. To be honest, I was kind of relieved to hear that the R4 was missing some stuff, otherwise I would have been really pissed off at myself for getting the R1 version and not waiting a few months for a slightly superior transfer.

MadBlackIcon.jpg (1939 bytes)Anyway, time for the first offical Jeer on Bwana's Cheers & Jeers page! You've probably heard by now that the OFLC (Office of Film & Literature Classification) has gone and refused classification to the Troma DVDs that were to be released in Australia last month. Granted, you can easily import these discs, but it's the principle of the thing! Not to mention that with the Australian dollar in the state it is, it would wind up cheaper buying them locally. Or maybe Troma could at least fix their international shipping rates so that you don't have to be Daddy Frickin' Warbucks to buy them when they have their sales. But, enough of my rambling. I've taken a look at the 'Tromeo & Juliet' disc and I would really like to know what it is in the extra features that was so shocking that it couldn't be given at least an R rating. Oh well, I'm sure it's just a big mistake that will be corrected when the distributor Tribe lodge an appeal. In the meantime though, here's a little poem I wrote, dedicated to the misguided souls at the OFLC:

Burnt any good books lately?
You protect us from Kabukiman & Toxie,
Would you like to hold our hand when we need to go pee?


HappyBlackIcon.jpg (1959 bytes)Hey, Bwanamaniacs! Sorry about the lack of updates since the initial launch, but I've been busy schmoozing with Japanese investors and running errands for my lazy, dopefiend boss.  Frankly, if his movie ever makes production, I'll eat my clown hat. Anyway, I've managed to pen a few more reviews for you, so why not find out a bit about Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, The Gore Gore Girls, The Gruesome Twosome, Cannibal Ferox, and the fantastic Switchblade Sisters.


HappyBlackIcon.jpg (1959 bytes)Hey there!  Welcome to my DVD Sideshow - the place where you can find reviews of some of the more interesting DVDs from all over the world!  From the local R4 mainstream, to obscure region free treasures, I hope to give you an idea of what this little harlequin thinks of them.  Who am I?   Well, while I'm not busy lighting small fires, ripping the wings off of bugs and writing reviews for you people, I make a living as the official mascot of Albatros Productions, whose debut picture, Blood Zombies, is currently in pre-production.  Stay tuned here for the first news about the DVD release of the first ever Estonian-Australian splatter movie, or vist the official website at!