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Movie_rating.jpg (1221 bytes)4 outta 5
Video_rating.jpg (1233 bytes)4.5 outta 5
Audio_rating.jpg (1197 bytes)4 outta 5
Xtras_rating.jpg (1285 bytes)3.5 outta 5
Overall_rating.jpg (1475 bytes)4 outta 5

Brain Damage
Directed by Frank Hennenlotter ; Starring Rick Herbst
Synapse Films ; Region 0 ; NTSC ; Non-Anamorphic 1.85:1 ; Mono ; Commentary, Isolated Score, Trailers

Well, as someone who can smugly say that we've had the uncut version of Brain Damage on video for several years in Austalia - I must also add that it never looked this good! Yep, a welcome addition to any self-respecting horror fan's collection, this disk looks utterly fucking fantastic. Despite having a low budget and being shot on 16mm - you'd be forgiven for thinking that it was shot on 35!! Even though it's as sharp as a goddamn razor, not once did I get that uneasy 'oh, why oh why does NTSC have to look so shitty' feeling. Now, I'm not the sort of bozo who can spend hours rambling on about 'shadow detail' and 'colour saturation', but I know a good picture when I see it. Damn, as far as I'm concerned, this disk looks a zillion times better than the so-called 'reference quality' of the R1 Ronin.

Okay. So it looks good. But how does the sound hold up, I hear you ask. Well, the sound's pretty damn good itself. Don't expect Saving Private Fuckin' Ryan here, but there's no hiss and the dialog, and the somewhat cheesy synth soundtrack are as clear as a bell.

Extras? Well, just remember it's quality, not quantity you want. Most importantly, we've got a audio commentary with Hennenlotter, Ex-Fangoria guy & novelisation author, Bob Martin, led the way by indie film-maker Scooter McCrae. This is an excellent commentary. As an insight into low-budget film making it's informative and even a little inspiring. And, more importantly, it's consistently entertaining. You also get a trailer, and an extra 'hidden' trailer for Basket Case. There's also a director's filmography, but that really doesn't count as an extra now, does it?

But surely nothing's perfect, right? Well, unfortunately not. This disk came in probably the worst frickin' type of keep case I've ever seen. You thought Alpha cases were a prick? Hah! This weird ass case from Scandanavia or Sweden or some damn place is nearly impossible to get the disk out without bending it 90 degrees!!!

Update - Seems that these cases mentioned above have been popping up every now and then, and with a little practise, these 'Scanavo' cases are actually pretty easy to use. Very secure too. Furthermore, Bwana's stubby little clown fingers are getting the hang of Alphas as well!